Why should I buy a Lennox Furnace?

As an industry leader with an unrivaled reputation for excellence, Lennox has proven themselves countless times to be a worldwide leader in the very finest heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products.

Lennox furnaces are in hundreds of thousands of homes across North America.  Dave Lennox founder of Lennox furnaces built the worlds first riveted-steel furnace in 1895.  The company since has had more than 100 years of meeting and exceeding customers heating needs.

Feel perfectly comfortable at home with our innovative Lennox Residential heating systems.

We manufacture high-efficiency furnaces designed to conserve energy and save money. We offer a wide selection of furnace types that are sure to fit your budget and unique needs. Our most popular lines are Dave Lennox Signature®Collection, Elite® Series and Merit® Series, ask one of our associates to see which line fits your needs better

Which furnace should I purchase?

Lennox believes in providing a wide variety of products to ensure the customer’s needs and wants are achieved to the highest standards possible.  This means Lennox furnaces will range depending on size, motor speeds, and efficiency rating.

If you are upgrading from your typical single-stage furnace you will see a large improvement moving into a two-stage furnace or modulating furnace.   The improvement will be most noticeable when comparing your utility bills as well as your overall comfort in your home.

Modulating furnaces are some of the quietest furnaces available on the market and operate at 1/3 the normal electricity usage of an older standard single-stage furnace and have up to 98.2%  AFUE rating. ( Efficiency Rating ).  No longer you will have to worry about how much it is going to cost you to run your fan constantly to circulate the air and moisture in your home.

Force heating advantages

Forced air heating is a popular choice for heating in Canada. This is due to its efficiency, quick heating capabilities and for cost. Unlike other types of heating that require other expenses and testing i.e. – infloor heating that requires cross-connection testing. Air forced heating is quick to install repair and has little red tape around its installation and maintenance.

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